"Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways. " -- Oscar Wilde

The Light Chimes

by Scott Morgan
Wingfield Park Ampitheater, Reno, Nevada - November 2016 thru March 2017
Sponsored by the City of Reno Arts and Culture Commission

As a breeze swings a windchime, so will images from Reno's street murals illuminate The Light Chimes
over the winter months in Wingfield Park.

The Light Chimes uses images of Reno street art, and the artist's own imagery.
Additional images of Fly Geyser graciously provided by George Post and the piece uses images of Joe Mangrum's incredible Sand Mandalas. Thank you!

The Light Chimes is dedicated to the memory of Larry Roark, the only person I know that actually ran away to join the circus.